History of Christian Community Center of Mount Holly.

It was Sunday, November 15, 1987 when the Rev. Barbara A. Davis and a few faithful followers departed from the African Methodist Episcopal Conference after pastoring for eight years.

The following Sunday, November 22, 1987 Rev. Barbara Davis, Rev. L. Odessa White, Evang. Bristol Barr, Sis. Muriel Barr, Tara, Cynthia and Miranda McRae with children, traveled to Philadelphia to attend Parham Chapel, where Rev. Melvin Rogers was pastor.

During this service, we were voted and read in as Charted Members of the Ministers and Laymen Churches. This affiliation only lasted a few months for, as on Wednesday, November 25, 1987, a meeting was held at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Kent Pipes, (while their family was away on vacation), and our church "Christian Community Chapel", (C.C.C.) was adopted formally.

On November, 29, 1987 Christian Community Chapel members returned to the home of Rev. and Mrs. Kent Pipes where the first official serves was held with approximately ten worshippers in attendance. With God's continued blessings, we were able to locate our services to Calanthian Hall on Washington Street, Mount Holly, NJ after Trustee Marian Paxton obtained permission for our use, where worship serves were conducted from December 1987 through February 1988.

January 1988, Christian Community Chapel, worshipped with Dr. Richard Say of the Protestant Community Church in Medford Lakes, thus becoming members of the International Council of Community Churches.

All church meetings were held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Paxton and Mrs. Helen Prescod. Officer were elected. prayer partners formed and the Mother and Father of the church appointed.

Our Founder

Rev. Dr. Barbara A. Davis, Bishop

On Sunday, February 6, 1988 Christian Community Chapel held its first service in their new home at the current location.

Through faith, prayer and grace, we know that God will continually be the focal point of the Christian community Center. Bishop Davis

was inspired in September 2001 to change the name of the church to the Christian Community Center of Mount Holly Inc., with a membership of about fifty persons including about thirty youth. 

Christian Community Center is a member of The International Council of Community Churches whose membership firmly believes in a ministry to "all people" regardless of race, creed, color or past church affiliation and emphasizes a strong outreach of services to the community.

The word of God teaches us that "God is no respecter of persons", so therefor in His eyesight we are one in Him.

Our Church theme is: 

"When  man says NO, but God says SO, then we GO"