Seeking spiritual fulfillment? Member of a large or mega church? Does the pastor know your name? Do you have the feeling of not belonging or of being "just" one of the crowd?


Maybe it is time for you to consider joining a small church, "where everyone knows your name". Where the pastor and ministers are always available whenever you may need spiritual guide or just have a need to talk to someone who understands.

Where, the pastor is "part of the fellowship", not apart from it.

Where the Christian Community Center of Mount Holly, is a small congregation but has a large mission.


The congregation's ministry, has been since 1991 to provide meals, shelter, clothing and other most needed comfort and spiritual guidance to the poor. This ministry in turn allows for our congregational members to develop a "fellowship, " the large or mega churches do not have.

Should you feel a small intimate church environment would be what you are seeking, we invite you to contact us at 609 914 4270,  and we would be happy to talk to you or if you prefer, we invite you to join us on Sunday mornings 11:00 am at a service where you can meet our pastor and congregation.

For directions and times, visit the contact page.

God bless you.

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